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Date of Publishing: 2 February 2023

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How much money should you play slots with?

How much money should you play slots with?

Online slots have become very popular over the last few years due to the vast amount available to players. However, many people will have their own opinions when deciding how much money you should play with.

Of course, most people will have their strategies for online slots, which can differ based on several personal variables. Moreover, with so many types of slot games to choose from at many different sites, some players will have their preferences, which can also vary based on specific websites’ offers. 

There isn’t necessarily a winning strategy when it comes to deciding how much money you should play slot games with – one of the most important things to remember is that there are no guarantees of winning. 

Tips for deciding how much money to play slots with

Below, we have outlined several tips you may want to consider when deciding how much money to play online slots with. 

Set a Budget

This can be particularly useful in ensuring you gamble only what you can afford – especially if you play online slots regularly. The best thing to do is come up with a budget that will not break the bank and make sure you stick to it!

Do not Play to Win

The worst thing you can do when playing online slots is to adopt the view that you think you will win. Regardless of how much you use to gamble, there are absolutely no guarantees, and it ultimately comes down to luck.

Know the Slot that you are Playing

Before even wagering on a slot, make sure you know how it works and are familiar with the main features, such as bonus rounds, triggers and what the various symbols do within the game. If you start playing without doing research or even playing in demo mode, you lose money needlessly.

Have a time limit

Similar to setting a budget, decide how long you will play slots for in each session and do not go past it. The longer you play, the more you can theoretically spend. 

Do not Chase your Losses

Many players get caught in the trap of chasing their losses as a way to make them back, which can be dangerous and result in you spending more than you have. This is one of the riskiest strategies when it comes to playing slots and can lead to a long-term gambling problem. 

Make use of Bonuses and Promotions

Signing up for promotions that different sites offer can be a good way of saving money because the credit sites offer could effectively help you win. However, it is definitely worth paying attention to the wagering requirements.

How can certain types of slots differ?

Some slot games are different, and if you apply the right strategy, this can help to determine a sensible budget. As a result, you can pay attention to several things before you start wagering, which we have highlighted below!

Slot Volatility Levels

Every slot has a different classification of volatility which essentially determines the frequency of payouts. A slot game with a high level of volatility means that it will pay out less frequently but for higher amounts. 

Conversely, slot titles with low volatility indicate that they pay out often, but for smaller amounts – these are deemed less risky. Meanwhile, you can also get slot games that have medium volatility, which is a balance between the two classifications.

RTP Rate

This refers to ‘Return-to-Player’, which is presented as a percentage. The figure indicates how much you can expect to win back on average for every £100 wagered. For example, a slot game with an RTP rate of 97.45 per cent signals that (on average over 100s or 1000s of spins), you can expect to receive £97.45 back; however, unless you have a near-unlimited budget, it is not worth relying on this. Just use it as a guideline.


Standing for ‘Random Number Generator’, every slot game on a regulated site and subject to test house scrutiny has an RNG. It is worth remembering this because it illustrates that all slots are entirely random, which is how they ensure fairness. Therefore, when determining how much money to play slots with, it is worth considering this factor. 

Minimum and Maximum Stakes

Every slot game will have a set minimum and maximum stake, which can all differ. The most common minimum stake for slot games is 10p per spin (you can get lower), so it is worth considering this when setting a budget. You could enjoy a good slot session with this stake if you stick to a sensible amount. Maximum stakes are generally £50 per spin (can be higher), though this is a risky strategy, regardless of the volatility or RTP percentage. 

What is the Best thing to do?

Ultimately, you should do what you are comfortable with – there is no right or wrong answer, though the most important thing to remember is never to wager more than you can afford to lose on slots and not chase your losses. 

Certainly, apply the above factors and get to know the slot in question first, including the technical elements and even get comfortable with it using the demo mode, which the vast majority of slot games in the industry have. 

If you bear all of these factors in mind, it should give you an enjoyable experience, and if you win, it is a bonus!

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