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Gamble Feature in Slots

For those players who like to take risks, the gamble feature can add great excitement to the game. Its ability to increase your winnings instantly through the double or nothing feature has added an extra element for slot players. In most slot games, the fate of the players is decided by a coin flip, and if they guess correctly, they can double their winnings. If they guess wrong, however, they will be left with nothing, hence why we refer to this as a gamble feature.

The gamble feature in slot machines has been around for quite a while now. A lot of players enjoyed the ability to double or quadruple their cash and earn big winnings. Therefore, in the last couple of years, the gamble feature has gained so much favour that it is now available in many more slots like fruit machines and has become the latest craze. Through this article, you’ll find all you need to know about the gamble feature, and we will tell you how to use it to your advantage.

The Appeal of Gamble Feature Slots

Individuals who play slot machines enjoy the risk factor involved with these games. You can never be sure whether you will win or lose, and the gamble feature takes this excitement to the next level. Pressing the gamble button can bring a feeling of hope, which is part of the reason why the gamble feature works.

Another reason for the popularity of gamble feature slots is that they allow players to potentially win higher rewards. With the click of a button, players can double their winnings, a risk many slot fans like to take. Also, the gamble feature can enhance the engagement of players and bring a twist to the otherwise regular wins secured by them. 

What Are The Types of Gamble Features?

Several main types of gamble features are available on online slots, and we have discussed these below so you can select the one that seems ideal to you.


Card Gamble

The Card Gamble is probably one of the most commonly found gamble features in online casinos. This feature requires you to predict what the playing card drawn is going to be. The card gamble feature can be further categorised into three types.

Red or Black

Players must guess the colour of the next card, which can either be red or black. The red playing cards include hearts and diamonds, while the black cards are spades and clubs.

Higher or Lower

This feature, commonly known as the hi lo feature, requires players to guess whether the next card will be lower or higher than the card being displayed. 

Suit Prediction

Suit prediction is very similar to Red or Black. The only difference is that players must guess the card’s suit correctly from the four symbols instead of guessing the colour. 

Ladder Gamble

The ladder gamble feature is slightly different from the hi lo and card gamble features because it requires you to climb a cash ladder. The player will climb up the ladder in case of a win but go down the ladder if the player loses.

Coin Flip

The coin toss feature is the most classic. All players need to do is predict whether the coin will land on heads or tails. 

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is an exciting feature that usually becomes available when a player achieves a winning spin. One half is the winning section, while the other half is the losing section. Spinning the wheel will land you on one of these sections.

Pros and Cons of Gamble Feature

It is crucial to understand how gamble features work with their pros and cons so you can determine whether or not you want to opt for it in your online slot game. Some of its advantages and disadvantages are discussed below:


The benefits of the gamble feature are mentioned below:

Increased Winning Potential

The best thing about the gamble feature is that it allows players to double their winnings instantly. Features like these motivate players to keep playing slots, as the results can be instant.

Additional Layer of Excitement

Many players love the level of risk and excitement that comes with slots with the gamble feature. This excitement is not possible with the base game as it can only provide smaller wins compared to the gamble bonus. 

Variety in Gameplay

With bonuses like the gamble options, slots can become more varied and exciting. For this reason, top slots ensure they include bonus features like free spins and split gamble in their game. 


Despite these benefits, the gamble feature can also have a few downsides. These are:

Risk of Losing Winnings

No matter how exciting the different gamble features are, there is always a 50% chance of losing your winnings. Guessing incorrectly leaves you with nothing, which can be quite demotivating. 

Potential for Addiction

Despite the efforts made by online slot developers, a risk of addiction always exists. Players who win the gamble bonus round may think they can do so again. Playing excessively can lead them to lose all their winnings and savings. 

Not Suitable for Risk-averse Players

The gamble feature is not suitable for risk-averse players because the chances of winning each time are 50/50. If this level of risk is not good for your nerves, and you prefer your odds to be a little more in your favour, avoid opting for the gamble feature.

How to Use the Gamble Feature?

The gamble feature is available during the bonus round. There exists a 50/50 chance of winning and losing. Securing a win leads to players doubling their winnings while losing means all the player’s winnings will be lost. Some slots allow players to keep playing if they make the right guess, with the winnings being doubled each time. 

You can set a limit for your winnings if you want to avoid a significant amount of gambling-related harm. It is crucial to know when the slot machine session is getting dangerous so that you can walk away and avoid excessive damage.

Top Gamble Feature Slots

At JeffBet, you will find gamble features available in different slot games and most of them offer an exciting welcome bonus too as you start your journey in the world of online gambling. Some of the most popular slot games at JeffBet with the gamble feature are:

Mega Moolah

The gamble feature of the Mega Moolah progressive slot allows you to double your winnings for up to 30 free spins. 

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches online slot provides a gamble wheel, which allows players to land on either the winning or losing half of the wheel. 

Well Well Well

The gamble feature in Well Well Well is designed to double your winnings if luck is on your side. 

Book of Dead

The Book of Dead slot game is equipped with the card gamble feature. Players need to guess the card’s colour or suit correctly to secure a win.


In the Ted slot game, the gamble feature is activated after a win from a bonus game. It comes in the form of the Thunder Buddies Bonus Wheel, and spinning it will reveal whether you doubled your winnings or lost the amount you have won.

All these online slots are available at JeffBet, where you can easily make an account and enjoy the top slots with gamble features.

Responsible Gaming

The gamble feature can transform the entire online gambling experience but does not come without risks. You must play within a few limits set beforehand and avoid breaking them to protect yourself from the dangers of problem gambling.

When gambling starts interfering with your daily life and becomes dangerous for you and your family, you are experiencing issues with gambling. If the signs of problem gambling are not recognised in the initial stages, it can lead to adverse effects like financial problems and mental health issues. For this reason, it is crucial to monitor your gambling activities.

We at JeffBet take the security and well-being of our players very seriously, which is why we have several tools on our website that alert players when their gambling habits appear to be getting out of control. You can opt for gambling features like time-outs, self-exclusion tools, deposit and loss limit tools, and wager limits. 


The gamble feature allows players to take full advantage of online slots by providing opportunities to double their winnings. This can be done by guessing the correct symbols or landing a winning combination. Despite this, the feature has the risk of problem gambling, particularly addiction, so it should be played responsibly. 

To enjoy the feature responsibly, you can set limits for deposits and losses, which may lead to small wins, but will keep you protected. You can also opt for low volatility slots as they pay often, but the payout is insignificant.

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