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Date of Publishing: 22 May 2023

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The Truth Behind Slot Machine Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction


Slot machines have been a prevalent form of entertainment for decades, thanks to their thrill and excitement. Amidst this popularity, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding online slot machines, which are spread by people who simply don’t know any better. The most common slot machine myths include hot and cold machines and casino operators manipulating outcomes. 

Such myths lead players to develop false beliefs that can impact their slot experience. It is essential to debunk slot myths so that players can approach casino games with a clear understanding and enjoy them for their entertainment value alone. This article will discuss common myths about slot machines and shed light on their reality. 

Myth 1: Slot Machines Have Hot and Cold Cycles

Many slot players believe that online slots have hot and cold streaks. This means they can go through cycles of paying out and not paying out, leading to rigged outcomes.

This is just a myth, though, because the outcomes of slots are based on random number generators. An RNG (random number generator) is an algorithm that bases outcomes on chance, ensuring that each spin is random. Previous spins do not impact future spins, so there is no way to manipulate an online casino to produce cold or hot streaks.

Myth 2: Casino Operators Can Manipulate Slot Outcomes

Some individuals are of the view that casino operators have the power to manipulate the outcomes of a slot machine. This means that developers can adjust the odds and payouts, making it nearly impossible for players to win money. 

The truth is that online casinos are regulated strictly by authorities and are required to maintain fairness and transparency. Inspections and audits are conducted frequently to ensure the online slot developer hasn’t rigged players’ winning chances. Also, developers need to display the RTP and house edge of their slots so that players can make informed decisions when selecting and playing slots.

Myth 3: Using Player Cards Affects Slot Payouts

Another slot myth is that players who use a player card have a different chance of winning than those who don’t. Player cards can include loyalty cards and reward cards. The myth is that when a player card is inserted into a casino, the chances of winning are reduced automatically. 

There are a few reasons why this is just a myth. The primary purpose of player cards is to keep track of loyal players so that they can be rewarded. Loyalty cards provide exclusive offers and perks unavailable to other players. Also, whether or not the spin lands a winning combination is purely coincidental and based on random numbers generated by computer software. A player card does not have any effect whatsoever on the outcome.

Myth 4: Payout Percentages Are Set at Specific Times

Another prevalent slot myth is that casinos manipulate the payout percentages of slot machines at specific times. It is believed that the time of day or day of the week can impact a machine’s outcome. 

The payout percentage, commonly referred to as a return to player (RTP), is predetermined by the game’s design and programmed into the machine’s software. RNGs determine each spin’s outcome, and reputable casinos must adhere to the regulations of maintaining integrity and fairness. This means that the payout of slot games is entirely random and cannot be influenced by time-based adjustments.

Myth 5: A Slot Machine That Just Paid Out Won’t Hit Again Soon

Another one of the most common slot machine myths is the belief that if a machine has just paid out a jackpot or a big win, it won’t hit again for a while. It is said that machines are programmed to follow a pattern where they go through periods of dry spells to recover from a big jackpot.

In reality, the outcomes of slot machines are based on RNGs, which ensure that each spin is random and independent. Past wins and payouts do not affect present wins, and the idea that most popular games need to reset after big wins is a misconception. There is no way to determine the appearance of symbols, and the results cannot be predicted.


Myth 6: Location of Slot Machines Affects Payouts

It is often believed that the location of slot machines in casinos can influence their payouts. Most players say that a few specific areas, like high traffic and visible spots of casinos, are chosen intentionally and are programmed to provide the best odds. It is also believed that less visible areas have lower payouts.

The reality is that the payout percentages and outcomes of each spin are random and independent because RNGs determine them. The physical placement of slots cannot lead to higher stakes. Even if certain spots appear lucky, this perception results from random variation, as licensed casinos are subject to strict regulations to ensure fairness and transparency. 

Myth 7: Pulling the Lever Increases the Odds of Winning

A few online casinos provide levers instead of buttons, and some players believe that, instead of pressing the spin button, pulling the lever leads to a higher payout rate. Levers were more common in land-based machines, but online slots that mimic land-based slots incorporate levers into their slots.

Remember that initiating a spin does not impact the odds of winning, whether pressing a button or pulling a lever. This perception can be attributed to nostalgia and tradition, as mechanical slots used a lever mechanism that players would pull to initiate the reels. Developers ensure slot machines play randomly and the physical action of players does not influence the outcome.

Myth 8: Time of Day Influences Slot Machine Outcomes

Another one of the persistent slot machine myths is that time can have an impact on the outcome of games. According to this myth, slots pay high rollers at certain times of day and pay out less during other times.

This is not true because the time of day cannot influence the outcome of slots. The operation of slot machines is based on RNGs, which use a sequence of random numbers to determine the result of each spin. The gambling authorities strictly bound regulators to base each spin on chance, which makes it impossible for them to manipulate slots to pay out more money during certain times of the day.

Myth 9: Jackpots Are More Likely to Be Won After a Long Losing Streak

It is also believed that a progressive slot jackpot will likely be won after experiencing prolonged losses. Slot developers are believed to compensate for the previous losing streak by providing a significant payout.

In reality, RNGs are used to determine the outcome of slots, which means that when players play spin, its outcome is not influenced by previous spins. This means that even if most of your previous spins have led to losses, even the most popular games cannot compensate by intentionally providing progressive jackpots or more money.  Such myths can lead to problems like addiction, so it is crucial to understand the working of slots before playing them.

Myth 10: Counting Spins Can Help Predict Future Outcomes

Another of the many slot machine myths is that if players count the number of spins, it can somehow provide insight into predicting future outcomes. This means that if you keep track of the maximum number of spins, you can anticipate when the following winning combination will occur.

Frankly, it is impossible to predict the outcome of slot machines because the results are based on chance and are entirely random. Counting the number of spins, finding patterns, and trying to relate them to future outcomes is useless. Slot machines do not have a memory or record of previous spins, making it impossible to predict future results. This myth is often referred to as the gambler’s fallacy.


The online world is filled with slot machine myths formed by unaware people or those who want to make a quick buck by misleading people and attracting attention. Such misconceptions lead players to believe that the actions of players and developers can manipulate the game’s outcome. 

Remember that understanding the true mechanics of slot machines is necessary for making informed gaming decisions. This allows players to set realistic expectations about the game and keeps them away from the dangers of gambling. They can manage their finances better and select the right games instead of becoming victims of slot machine myths.

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