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Date of Publishing: 31 January 2023

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How Do You Pick a Winning Slot Machine?

How Do You Pick a Winning Slot Machine

When playing an online casino, you want to increase your winnings to as high as possible versus what you wagered. Of course, unfortunately, not every wager means netting a win because most casino games, like slots, are based on chance. 

So how do you pick a winning slot machine? There are a few ways to increase your victory chances, even if wins are not guaranteed. Finding one with a higher payout and playing a slot game with a higher RTP rate helps you pick a winning slot machine. 

Wager higher bets, and sign up for a new casino account where you have not played before to increase winning chances. You can enjoy the new player slots game promotions to capitalise on your winning chances if you are a first-time player on our casino, JeffBet.

Find a Slot Game With a Higher Payout

Finding slot games with higher possible jackpots can initiate a potentially higher payout when you play slots. Some of our games have the potential for players to win a jackpot of £1 million. 

Traditional slot games pay out fewer rewards and do not offer as many chances to score prize winnings versus the higher win odds of playing jackpot slots. Despite jackpot slots having higher win odds, they pay out fewer rewards for each spin compared to traditional slots. Weigh your options to find out which wagering method works best for you. 

View the RTP Rate and Compare and Contrast

In the slot game description, you can find the RTP rate, or the Return to Player percentage, to discover how much of your original stake is returned to you if you win a spin on a slot game. 

For example, one game on our platform, Diamond Sands has an RTP rate of 94.11%. Hence, this means that for every pound you wager, you will get 0.9411 pence back if you win a reel spin. 

If you did a £100 wager and won the reel spin without any multipliers, you will get back £94.11. A higher RTP means you will at least get most of your stake back if you win a reel spin without a multiplier. 

Bet Higher for a Possible Larger Payout

Lower wagers mean there is less chance for a bigger slot game payout. If you bet higher, you have a better chance of hitting wins in the slot game and multipliers that increase your winnings overall. What you put in is what you get. Hence, you have a better chance of winning if you place a £100 bet on every pay line versus a £10 bet on the same slot game.

Hence, opt for a traditional, jackpot, or megaways slots game with a higher bet to your comfortability to increase your overall chances of winning rather than playing penny slots. Low wagers may seem comfortable, so you do not lose as much money with every spin. 

However, sometimes gambling higher wagers two to five times your average bet amount can make large returns for you. Depending on where the reels lie in this game of chance, you never know what can happen. 

Sign Up To Play at a New Casino for Slots Game Bonuses

To give new players an edge, some casinos have sign-up bonuses for new casino players that have already made their first deposit. Sometimes they are given free spins on a specific slot game where little to no wagering is required to take advantage of the free spin benefits.

Casinos want to give new players a chance to enjoy a possible win by offering lower wagering rates so that they are more comfortable investing in bets. Even first-time player deposit matches make new players more hopeful of winning prizes on their favourite slot game as they can make higher bets with more chance of a larger return on their bet investment. 

We always have new player promotions available for the possibility to win big on a game of slots if the reels fall in your favour. View the terms and conditions of the available new player slot game promotion when you sign up to capitalise on the offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you have learned the answers to the question, “How do you pick a winning slot machine?” Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the topic. 

What is the best strategy to win at a slot machine?

Many ways can act as the best strategy to win at a slot machine. Reassure you are playing a slot machine with as high of an RTP rate as possible. 

Look for slots with progressive jackpots. This means that the jackpot amount increases whenever a player participates in the game but does not win the original jackpot. Playing slots with bonus features can also give you more chances of a higher payout. 

How can you tell if a slot machine will net you a win?

You cannot tell whether a slot machine will net you a win or not. Slots are completely random games of chance. That’s part of their enduring appeal.

Only taking into account the methods of finding a winning slot machine can increase your winning chances by a little bit. However, it all depends if the reels lie in your favour or not. Good luck!

When should I stop playing a specific slot machine?

If you see more losses than gains in your experience of playing a specific slot game, then move on to a new one. It’s best to cut your losses early rather than attempting to keep wagering and only lose more bet money. 


So how do you pick a winning slot machine? Slot games are all about chance, so anything can happen when you play. Increase your chances of winning by selecting a slot game with a higher RTP rate, playing one that has higher payouts, and signing up for a new casino account to get slot game bonuses that require low wagers. 

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