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Date of Publishing: 2 February 2023

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How Can You Tell if a Slot Machine Is Going To Hit?

How Can You Tell if a Slot Machine Is Going To Hit?

When you are playing games of chance in a casino, some require skill and finesse to get rewarded. People spend a lot of time practising card games to go to their favourite casinos and win big. People also like to determine how to win a lot of cash by playing slot machines. However, slot machines are entirely random, and there is no way to determine when they will pay out.

You have heard people give their ideas and theories on the best way to win at slots. Some of them calculate how many times a slot machine has played to determine when the payout will be. Others believe that casinos choose who will win and when it will happen. How can you tell if a slot machine is going to hit?

Random Slot Machines

You could spend a week watching every play of a slot machine. You could write down how many times each person that stepped up to it played. You might believe that the law of averages applies and that each play is one step closer to someone making a big win.

The truth is that modern slot machines are programmed, so their results are completely random. There is no pattern, as many players think. And there is no rule that a slot machine has to pay out on a percentage of its plays.

What Does Random Mean?

Consider playing a slot machine the same as flipping a coin. A coin has two sides, heads and tails. When you flip the coin, you have a 50/50 chance of it landing on either side. You can call “heads”, and if it lands with the head side up, you will win.

Slot machines, both in a real casino or online, work similarly. When you pull the slot’s arm or press the “spin” button, you perform the same action as if you flipped a coin. You have a chance that you will win and a chance that you will lose, and your chances may be better or worse than 50/50, depending on the game you are playing.

Casinos Stay in Business

If you could watch a slot machine and figure out a pattern to its payouts, that is all anyone would ever do in a casino. Eventually, casinos would have to close their doors because no one would do anything but drain the slot machines. There is a reason they say that the house always wins. You can’t win at slots by watching them.

However, you still find plenty of people online that make posts or videos showing tips and tricks on predicting when the next big hit on a slot machine will be. The only thing you will get from spending time on those videos is a sense of wasted time when you realise that none of those tips are worth the token you put in the machine.

What Are Loose Slots?

Some slot machines are described as loose, meaning they pay out more to players on average. The slot machine is still programmed to hit completely random sequences, but some slots have more winning sequences than others. They may hit more often, but the payouts are generally lower than a slot machine considered “tight.”

Should You Play Loose Slots More?

Loose slot machines are not labelled. However, if you think you have found a loose one, you can win some money from them in the short term. Remember that loose slots are programmed that way to keep you playing, and the house always wins. If you play any slot machine long enough, you will put in more money than it will payout.

Can I Improve My Chances of a Payout?

You can’t determine how or when a slot machine will hit. However, there are a few things you can do that may increase your chances of winning when you play.

Choose a Reputable Casino

Always be sure the casino you are playing at is fully licensed and regulated, like we are at While slot machines are random, there have been stories of machines being tampered with by casino owners who are greedy enough. Check the establishment’s reviews online before deciding to play there.

Choose Slots With a High Return

You can’t tell when a slot machine will hit, but you can see online whether or not the payouts are large. If you find a few reviews where people have hit it big playing a particular machine, it could be worth putting in a few tokens.

Forget What You’ve Heard

All those tips and tricks you found online will ultimately cost you money. There is no skill to playing slot machines. You can’t win more often by playing two or three machines at once. 

Pay Attention To Eligibility

With some slot machines, your payout is based on how much you have put in. If you hit, but haven’t bet the minimum, you won’t be eligible for the jackpot. If that is your goal then always pay attention to how much you have to pay to win big.

Forget About Hot and Cold Machines

Hot and cold machines are a real thing. Since the payouts are random, there may be a time with a machine will pay out three or four times in a row. It has nothing to do with the law of averages, and if you leave your machine to run and play it you won’t have any higher chances of winning than anyone else.


Slot machines, in casinos and online, are random games of chance. Unlike games of skill, there is no way to practise and make yourself better. There is also no way to determine when the next big payout will occur. As long as you pick an honest casino and play a slot machine with a large return to its players, you can still have fun playing the slots. Payouts are not guaranteed, but when they happen, they make the game a lot more fun.

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