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Date of Publishing: 2 February 2023

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Do Slots Pay More at Night?

Do Slots Pay More at Night?

Do slots pay more at night? Any gambler will want to know whether their odds of winning are higher when the sun goes down. The reality is that slots pay more at night, but not always! With this perception, most individuals will play slots around 8 pm until the wee hours of the morning. 

That is because they believe that slot games are looser during the night. But what’s the evidence behind this notion? Read on to learn more about playing slots and tips to help you increase your payouts at night.

Slot Payout During the Night

While most people will assume that slots pay more at night, the truth is that online slots and slot machines have a payout rate often terms as Return to Player (RTP). RTP  usually gets programmed by the game developer. The payout rate doesn’t get determined by the time of the day.

One of the main reasons why slots tend to pay more at night is that there are many players around this time. Most people are busy during the day and don’t have time to play slots. People have more time to play when the sun goes down, leading to a higher payout rate.

So, part of why slots generally pay more at night is an influx in the number of players at night.

However, it’s worth noting that the payout rate doesn’t increase at night. Slot machines use a random number generator (RNG) to dictate which values appear on the reels. 

This random number generator is a program that generates results randomly, making such data useful for statistical evaluation, video games, cryptography, and experiments.

Are RNGs Predictable?

Since RNGs get based on random statistical results, these values are not predictable. To come up with unpredictable values, RNGs acquire results from key or seed values. Seed values are from external sources, influenced by other real-world factors apart from the time of the day or month.

Do Slot Machines Have Similar Payouts?

Besides questioning whether slots pay more at night, you might be curious whether certain slot machines pay more than others.

Slot machines with specific titles have similar payout rates irrespective of the time of day. So, the large night crowd doesn’t influence the slot machines’ payout rates. The RNG system doesn’t consider the number of spins and the total bet amounts of any game. The casino itself doesn’t have any control over the random number generation algorithm.

What Is the Best Time To Play Slots?

Since the time of day has little impact on the slot’s payout rate, there’s no better time to increase your wins. That means that you can evade the crowd and still maximise your wins. Nevertheless, this is the best time to play slots if the floor is fully packed. With more players on board, more prizes are up for grabs and the amount of money you can win also increases.

Typically, there’s no good or bad time to pay slots. It all boils down to your preference. For instance, if you enjoy playing slots during off-peak hours, going to the casino in the morning can work well for you.

If you prefer physical slots, off-peak hours give you a more relaxing space to wager. However, you might not be lucky if most local casinos don’t open early in the morning. Online casinos might be your only way out here.

Playing slots in the evening allows you to enjoy most games since most games will be open.

What Is the Ideal Day of the Week To Play Slots?

Still, on the issue of time, it makes sense that the best day of the week to play slots is during the weekend. Many people are playing during the weekend, making it an ideal time for you to try your luck.

Here are tips to consider to boost your slot payouts at night.

Proven Strategies To Increase Slot Payouts at Night

There are more than a few strategies to get slots to payout at night.

Set Your Bets to Maximum

To get the best payout from a game, you should always aim to maximise your wagers. Yes, it’s scary to max bet, but this puts you in a much better position if your spins favour you.

A feature that can help you maximise your payout is the interactive mini-games that give you many choices. Some of these choices can include cash prizes. For instance, you can multiply your bet by three or more times. You should also take advantage of the bet multipliers feature with your max bets.

Use Casino Promotions

There are plenty of casino promotions at night. Most of these promotions entice more players to wager on their favourite games. That can be an excellent opportunity to increase your slot payouts.

Watch out for the deposit bonuses and free spins. Some games will even give up to 10 free spins on certain slots on specific days. A good example is the Wizardslots Happy Hours bonus, which offers free spins every Wednesday between 3 pm and 7 pm.

Before you visit your nearest casino, check their website to see whether there are promotions on their platform.

Open All Paylines

Don’t limit yourself to one payline. Take advantage of any payline opportunities that come your way by having all paylines open for every spin you make. That is especially true for slots with adjustable paylines. Strive to leverage any gameplay opportunity, as this increases the likelihood of higher payouts.


You now know that slots pay more at night, not because there are higher payouts, but because many people are playing. Slot machines use Random Number Generators, meaning the outcome of every spin you make is random. 

So, whether you choose to play in the morning or at night, your payout rate isn’t affected. But you can increase your payouts by maximising your wagers, taking advantage of promotions, and opening all paylines. 

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