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High Volatility Slots

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  • High Volatility Slots

    JeffBet has an extensive gaming library of the best high volatility slots available on the market. Like the various other gaming options you can find at our online casino, our players will surely find high volatility slots based on their preferences. 

    What Are High Volatility Slots?

    The main factors differentiating slots include the number of available reels, special features, bonus rounds, and other factors, including paylines, clusters, megaways, etc. That said, slot volatility is a distinction not discussed as often in slot machines and online gambling. 

    Slot variance will determine how likely you are to land a winning combination and what percentage you can expect to see returned. In other words, slots with a large disparity between the lowest and maximum payouts are referred to as high volatility slot machines.

    Slots displaying high volatility are the highest risk slots a player can choose since they may go through long periods without hitting big-win combos. The payouts in such high volatility games are infrequent. Based on slot volatility, the payout sizes are much more substantial to compensate for that. High variance slots are high risk, but they also offer high payouts. You must be very fortunate to score the top win; however, the jackpot, often a progressive jackpot, is also worth chasing. The larger the jackpots offered, the more volatile the slot game.

    You need a significant bankroll to go after big wins when playing high volatility slots. Therefore, these slots are designed for high rollers patiently looking for large wins and huge payouts. Some popular high volatility slots include Immortal Romance and Dead or Alive, among many others.

    Ultimately, most seasoned casino players like to play higher volatility slots. On the other hand, low volatility slots are more popular among casual slot players because they offer more frequent small wins. To the surprise of many, volatility does not necessarily correlate with the RTP rate, so you cannot expect a volatile slot to have a high RTP value.

    How Do High Volatility Slots Work?

    Highly volatile slots are meant for those seeking huge wins while playing slots, although, based on the slot’s volatility, you may have to wait for any win to come your way. Once you match the high-paying symbols, you can secure bonus free spins and games that could win you, for example, 1000x your stake. Prizes can typically range between 500x and 1000x your stake, making for a huge payday provided you are fortunate enough to hit the right combination. After all, every slot game has its payout ratio; some lucky players have even managed to see a return of 20,000x their stake.

    Even the lower value symbols in high volatility slots are generous, i.e., they can offer large wins of 50x or more. Therefore, you can expect impressive earnings when you hit wins on such slot games. 

    Slots like Madame Destiny offer huge payouts between £45,000 and £135,000. Since the game has only ten paylines, you will not receive these substantial payouts very often.

    Determining Slot Volatility

    The first thing you can do is select slots based on volatility. Compare the payout of four identical symbols on a payline to the potential payout of five symbols. Low variance slot games usually have a payout difference of three to five times the amount. Medium variance slots display a payout difference of five to ten times, while high variance slots have a payout difference of ten to fifteen.

    Lastly, the most accurate approach to determining the volatility level of any slot game is to play it (especially in demo mode). The more time you spend playing, the easier it will become to determine how often it pays out and how much each payout is worth. Remember that the longer you wait for wins and the more substantial they are, the more volatile the online slot.

    The Difference Between Low, Medium And High Volatility Slots Explained

    Below are the differences between low, medium, and high volatility slots:

    High Volatility Slots

    Slots with high volatility levels are ideal for those comfortable with taking risks. Although there will be periods when you may not win anything, when you do, the payouts are worth the wait. However, these slots may not work out for the faint of heart.

    High volatility slots are only worth it if you have a considerable bankroll and the enthusiasm to match. This slot type requires a sizeable bankroll as there may be prolonged periods where you do not see any payouts, so you should go for these only if you’re comfortable with the potential risks. While these slot games offer more appealing bonuses and features, such as sticky wilds, it is best to look at the relevant game’s terms and conditions to know where you stand. It is also recommended to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures before playing high volatility slot games.

    Medium Volatility Slots

    Medium volatility slots are very popular among new and seasoned casino players. It is mostly because medium volatility slots offer the best of both low and high volatility slot games.

    Medium volatility slots offer smaller but more frequent payouts than high variance slots. Furthermore, in contrast to low volatility slots, you can expect a much higher value payout playing medium volatility games. You also get many bonus features, such as wild reels, if you enjoy slots for fun but still want decent payouts.

    If you set your budget right, you can play medium volatility slots much longer than high variance games. These also offer higher value jackpots more often than low volatility slot games.

    Low Volatility Slots

    Low volatility slot games offer more frequent payouts, but these payouts are likely to be less significant compared to slots with higher volatility. When you play such slot games, you may receive winning combinations every three to five spins on average, which is why these are so popular among new players.

    While more substantial wins are rare, they are not non-existent. That said, they may never reach the value high volatility slots offer. Low variance slots, like their payout frequency, are typically fast-paced and owing to their low risk, they have a loyal fanbase of their own.

    Such slots are prevalent among those who come online to have fun rather than take big risks. Such players also have smaller budgets, which can be extended with all the small wins during gameplay.

    Features Of High Volatility Slots

    The key features of high volatility slots include the following:

    • They involve higher risk.
    • While the payouts are more substantial, they are infrequent.
    • Such games offer large jackpots.
    • They offer more features than medium and low volatility slots.
    • They require more substantial bankrolls and patience to be played.

    Advantages Of Playing High Volatility Online Slots

    The following are the advantages of playing high variance slots at online casinos:

    More Bonus Features

    Slot game bonuses have significantly evolved over the years, and some feature mini-games as rewards. Apart from that, high variance slots also offer more bonuses than other slot types, including scatters, free spins, cascading reels, etc. 

    Big Wins

    There is no other casino game that offers the same get-rich-quick benefit as slot machines, provided you are playing the right slots to win big. High volatility slots are known to provide the largest jackpots, and some even feature rewards worth a whopping seven or eight figures.

    Megabucks, for instance, once paid out a jackpot worth $39.7 million. Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah also awarded a staggering €19,430,723.60 to a Belgian gambler in 2021. 

    While low variance slot machines also offer decent payouts, they may never come close to the prizes high volatility games offer, however scarce they are.


    While high volatility slots may seem exciting, there are a few downsides to playing them, too. Below are the disadvantages of high variance slots:

    Less Frequent Wins

    As mentioned, you cannot expect to win as often when playing high variance games. Such games do not pay anywhere near the same frequency as lower volatile games. You will have to deal with more losing streaks as a result.

    Bankroll Management DIfficulties

    Bankroll management is vital to getting more entertainment out of slot games. Managing your bankroll lets helps you avoid potential losses by betting too much. That said, high volatility games make this strategy more difficult since they involve more risk.

    High Volatility Slots FAQs

    Here are some of the most frequently answered questions we receive regarding high volatility slots.

    Yes. You will find numerous high volatility slots at JeffBet. All you have to do is sign up using their welcome bonus, select a high volatility game, and start spinning.
    This mostly comes down to preference. The higher the volatility, the less often you can expect to win. When you win, the payout is on the higher side.
    Yes. All slots offered at JeffBet employ random number generators.
    Yes you can play high volatility slots with a small budget but you should be aware that these slots can go through lengthy periods where you may not hit any big winning combinations.
    Dead or Alive, Immortal Romance and Madame Destiny are some of the most popular high volatility slot games.